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Angolosok le lehet legalább a felét fordítani?

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We built a free iPhone/Android app for you to review, customize (or let auto expire).

Make it easier for visitors who use iPhone/Androids to connect with everything about you, in one convenient app, and save your app icon to their phone home screen = good for you. The basic version is free and offers lots for your fans.


To see the app we started for you, visit -> [link]

(colors, images, buttons, layout can be changed)


To make your app look great, change buttons, customize app desktop icon, auto sync your Youtube, Twitter, and other social media content with your app, in your Computer browser, open your Facebook App Control Center (and select 'visit website' button) -> [link]

There is a simple step-by-step guide how to make the most of your app, please email if interested.

p.s. - one of our team was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. please do breast cancer screening, or remind your partner.

Thank you,

Amy & Tom


231 981 8818

.. to unsubscribe from future news about your app, please reply with "unsubscribe" in the Subject Line (not the first line) of the email. this also deletes your app.

Following are frequently asked questions.

1) is this for real?

For a cool example of how powerful this can be, visit photo album at [link] to see after a single wall posting how many fans save the app to their iPhone home screen (photo album called "Concert Weirdos App iPhone/Androids").

2) who else can see what you created, after all, you did not ask my permission to create an app based on my content?

Your app not visible to the public unless you approve (and will auto erase if you prefer to not activate).

3) why is this good for my visitors?

Now your visitors can have your app icon on their iPhone or Android cell phones. Your fans just tap your app link from their mobile browser (Safari or Chrome) and save your app to their home screen. They will get all your updates like wall posts, videos, pics, twitter, youtube channel right on their phone by tapping your app icon, and you can also request app buttons be added for Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Linkedin and more.

4) what is the easiest way to opt-out and not be contacted again?

do not reply to this email, and your app auto deletes and you will be unsubscribed.

5) on what platforms does my app run?

.. iPhone & Android, Safari/Chrome supported

.. Microsoft Windows IE & Firefox not supported (as they have almost zero mobile phone marketshare)

6) what does this cost?

Your new app is free for you and your fans. We request a one-time $10 donation (which can be made by Paypal purchase of an add-on promotion service, add-on buttons like iTunes or other store button, or extra customization). This is request and not requirement.

7) how do i customize look & feel?

Visit your App Control Center, the add-ons show along right column, customization options in 'appearance' tab.

8) where can i see how others use these apps?

Visit the Pixtas home page to see the top ten apps of the month.

9) why does my app control center use Facebook Connect?

To prevent others from changing your mobile app, only the person(s) that admin a Facebook page can control the app built for that Facebook page. Your app control center uses the Facebook Connect system to verify the pages you admin = the apps you can control.

10) who are you?

we are a small team that built a way for every person on facebook to own their own app. we are building apps as fast a we can for facebook page owners to review (this is how we found you, one of our users liked your page).

11) can i add my app icon to my mobile phone home screen, next to my other app icons?

yes, after you load your app in the phone browser:

.. on iphone, tap bottom row, middle button, select "save to home screen"

.. on android, (a) bookmark your app, then (b) visit bookmarked pages screen and long press the thumbnail image of the bookmarked app, when screen pops up, select 'save shortcut to home screen'.

this adds your app icon to your phone's desktop, next to your other app icons.

12) why make the app before asking if i want an app?

as buyers, we prefer when the vendor delivers the product first, then offers it for free, for us to use or discard.

12+) what can my new app do, can you explain it again and make this email even longer?

your new applets you offer your facebook visitors a customized, free iphone/android app... encourages visitors to put your app icon on their phone home screens and connect to everything about you in a single place:

.. help fans promote you by leveraging the new Facebook App Center unique discovery engine

.. install direct from your Facebook page via 'send to mobile' button on iPhone/Android Facebook tab ( [link]

.. auto sync with your Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, and other promotional pages

.. increase sales through add-on iTunes app button, or other store app buttons

.. push notifications to fans that opt-in

.. one touch connect fans to your Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, SoundCloud, and other social media content without forcing mobile fans to visit each site

12++) even though email said 'free' how much does this really cost?

the app we built for you is free to you and your visitors. we request a one-time donation of just $10 (that you could make by Paypal purchase of any add-on buttons, add-on promotion or app customize it service). this is request and not requirement. it allows us to hire more engineers, fix and improve the apps. 99% of our users enjoy the 100% free offering, and 1% purchase optional $10 add-ons, this is our business/revenue model. Ezt le tudnátoknekem magyarra fordítani? Ki tudná? Legalább a felét?

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